Today we honor our Maintenance Team.

“The individuals on the maintenance/custodial crew are some of the most selfless and servant-minded people that I know. They are the first ones to arrive every morning and some of the last ones to leave, making sure the building is in great shape for the next day! They seem to always have a smile on their face, and truly have a heart for the school and for helping others. Thank you for all that you do!” (Coach Adam Taylor, Director of School Operations).

“Our Maintenance team does a beautiful job stewarding our campus facilities and resetting our school each day. They are hardworking and personable! I am so very grateful for our faithful maintenance leadership and team!” (Mrs. Amanda Reynolds, Dean of Students).

“Great group of people who work tirelessly to keep our building beautiful. I am so thankful for each one of them” (Mrs. Denise Adams, HR Manager).

“The Maintenance Team faithfully serves everyone in the Metro community every day to make sure that we have a safe and comfortable environment in which our students can thrive. They truly care for the students and employees, and it shows in their interactions with them” (Mrs. Tracy Myers, CFO).

“…the unsung guardians of our sanctuaries, whose devotion and diligence lay the foundation for our daily blessings” (Mrs. Vallerie Davis, Executive Assistant to HOS).

“…cheerful in every situation…happy when we are three minutes late…happy when we’re three hours late…willing to serve” (Mr. Greg Grunewald, Chairman TCEC School Board).

“In many ways, MCA is a like a small town. Just like a small town, we have shared spaces (classrooms, cafeterias, sports fields/courts, common spaces, etc.) that serve as hubs for our people to gather and interact. A big shout out to our maintenance team for serving our community by prepping and maintaining all those spaces every day” (Mr. B., ES Principal).

“How faithful they are in doing the tasks that no one notices…” (Nurse Dody).

“They work diligently behind the scenes…They are always ready to offer assistance—whether it’s comforting a sick child, rearranging furniture, or setting up an event…making them cherished members of the Metro community” (Officer David Long, Director of SST).

“The Word of God has a lot to say about faithfulness. ‘Moreover, it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful’ (1 Cor.4:2). Over the years Metro has asked a lot of my crew – we do a lot of hard things. However, I am so thankful and honored to be surrounded by and serve alongside people that are faithful, that are trustworthy, that can be relied upon—to get the job done; to execute the plan. To that I say, ‘Well done!’ We all need to ask ourselves…to ask Him…What is my part, and will I be found faithful?” (Mr. Scott Beliveau, their fearless and faithful leader).

Maintenance Team: Thanks for your faithful service to God—and to us all.

We love you. We appreciate you. We honor you.

Serving together,

Keith, Head of School

1 Thessalonians 1:2-3

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