There’s a Team of people that means a ton to our school that hasn’t been mentioned a ton in our school’s newsletter.

Often behind the scenes, sometimes front center, but always serving God, our school, and us all.

The L.E.A.D. Team:

  • Adam Taylor, Director of School Operations.
  • Alyssa Quarles, Director of Learning and Instruction.
  • Anna Lee Carlisle, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Admissions.
  • Carrie Storms, MS Principal.
  • Matt Buffington, ES Principal.
  • Robby Davis, HS Principal.
  • Tracy Myers, CFO.

The acrostic alludes to some of their roles, relationships, and responsibilities:

  • L – Lead
  • E – Equip
  • A – Assist
  • D – Develop

In one of his passages on spiritual gifts, The Apostle Paul uses an interesting term for the gift of administration, viz. Κυβερνήσεις. Kubernesis literally meant helmsman—persons who steer the ship, steady the vessel, and stay the course.

Each of Metro’s L.E.A.D. Team members is gifted in administration.

All the same could be said for Vallerie Davis, Executive Assistant to Head of School and TCEC Board Clerk.

If you’ve not met these eight consummate professionals, please take a moment to introduce yourself to one or more of them. Whether you’ve already met or not, please send a word of encouragement to them and/or say a word of prayer for them.

Each has a challenging job—if nothing else, just putting up with me 😊. And, each works conscientiously, caringly, and Christ-honoringly to serve you, your student(s), and our school.

So, L.E.A.D. Team and Vallerie—on behalf of us all at Metro Christian Academy, thank you for all you do!

Grateful to be serving together,


1 Corinthians 12:28

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