Task Force.

A group or committee formed for analyzing, investigating, and/or solving a specific problem.

Metro’s TCEC School Board presently has two Task Forces.

  1. Master Plan: Aka the Master’s Plan is committed to discerning direction for Metro’s future building needs. (Stay tuned for more details in Fall of 2024, Lord willing.)
  2. Riverwood Community Engagement Exploratory Task Force: Aka, P61 is committed to discerning direction re: Metro’s involvement in the demographically needy 61st and Peoria locale.
    • P61—Who: Two (2) Metro Christian L.E.A.D. Team members and four (4) TCEC Board members.
    • P61–What: To develop a mission/vision for P61 initiatives and to identify sustainable structures for years to come.
    • P61—When: The team meets monthly—in addition to homework, e.g., researching, benchmarking, networking, and praying.
    • P61—Why: To strategically engage the Metro Christian Academy community with the P61/Riverwood community and to increase the quality and quantity of outside community partners and connections; serving and empowering marginalized children and families living proximate to the Metro campus.

God called Metro to 6363 S. Trenton Ave. more than 40 years ago. This area has changed a lot since 1983, but the TCEC Board has reaffirmed our commitment to this location.

Obviously, what happens within these four walls is central to our identity as a Christian school, viz. Academics, Arts, Athletics, Activities, Accreditation, and Administration. Clearly, we want to get “All A’s” in all those arenas.

But our Board is also committed to us continuing to have a Matthew 5:16 presence beyond these four walls, as well. Whether thru Block Party, Reward Room at McClure ES, Meals and Athletic Camps at McLain HS, etc., our desire is to discern and to do vital, impactful, biblical work beyond these four walls, as well.

To that end, stay tuned for more details from both Task Forces. In the meantime, please pray for them:

For wisdom, discernment, direction, vision, and provision.

On mission together,

Keith A. Currivean, Ph.D., Head of School

Matthew 5:16

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