Jesus does some curious things.

Take for example His pick of the litter for 12 worldwide leaders: a bunch of no-names, a few fishermen, and even a Tax Collector and a Zealot.

Diametrically different, the former turned on his people to work for the Roman government and to exploit his family and friends. The other was zealously committed to overthrowing the Roman government altogether.

Curiosity #1: Jesus didn’t pick a side politically or ideologically.

Curiosity #2: Jesus put these two polar opposites on the same team for years—as members of one body.

Curiosity #3: Jesus continues to do that today—even right here at Metro Christian Academy.

By definition, by institutional ends, by design, we are independent, interdenominational, and whatever those two terms reasonably entail.

Since Day-1, 41 years ago, we’ve had faculty, families, students, and staff who differ diametrically—on a lot of things, such as: dunk, pour, sprinkle—babies or believers, etc., etc., etc.

Pretty much, anything not covered in the Statement of Faith is fair game.

Back to Jesus curiously picking a Tax Collector and a Zealot not only to be His followers, but also to be co-workers with each other in reaching the world for Him.

We talk a lot around here about The pursuit of excellence thru Christ. If I read scripture correctly, this area of a Tax Collector and a Zealot coming together—yielding their personal convictions, following Jesus, and loving each other well is right at the heart of who Metro has been for four decades, and as long as Metro has me here, that’s not going to change.

Just recently I was honored and humbled to be able to meet with two people whose different views had become quite apparent. Something happened. Something was said. Then, a meeting was had.

All I can say is, I think Jesus continues to do curious things.

What could be more curious than His graciously choosing and using each of us to reach and teach this next generation?!

Pretty curious: A Perfect Person choosing and using finite, fallible, fallen folks.

Most reasonably, it’d been more efficient and effective to have done it Himself.

But, curiously that’s not what He did with the 12 motley disciples, and that’s not what He does with motley you and me.

He curiously chooses us and uses us—any diametric differences notwithstanding.

He says to us now, what He said to them then—2000 years ago:

Come, follow Me.

In love,


Colossians 3:12-17

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