From time to time, we use a guest author for a Currivean’s Corner; this is one of those times.

Today’s article introduces a Metro chapel talk, which you can find here; the slides are here.

The speaker was Coach Josh Lattie, World History Teacher, Assistant Basketball Coach, and Bible Scholar.

His message was biblical, bold, and urged each listener to respond to God.

In the beginning was…water.

Have you ever wondered about the significance of water in Genesis 1 or elsewhere in Scripture?

In this chapel message, the deep waters are revealed to have a connection to monsters in Ancient Babylon, to stand in the way of Moses and the Israelites during their famous exodus, and to swallow-up Jonah when he’s tossed off the boat as a human sacrifice!

The big question is, “So what?”

Why should we care about these old words and stories? What relevance do they have in our lives today?

The response: Our God is not an ancient Babylonian type of God. He’s not a God who struggles to fight monsters or who leaves his people high and dry.

Instead, our God is one who jumps into the deep waters when we need Him to save us! Our God commands the deep waters with simple words, and they obey Him!

Do we realize this? And if we realize this, do we consistently remind ourselves who our God is during life’s deep-water moments?

Please enjoy this message, and please be encouraged in your love for God and His Word!

Coach Lattie

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