Thank you for considering Metro Christian Academy. Our Admissions Team is committed to helping you through this process, and we look forward to getting to know you and your family.

We are excited that you’re considering Metro Christian Academy for your family. We encourage you to explore our website and social media channels to learn more about our academic programming and co-curricular activities. Metro is a thriving community, providing countless opportunities for students to explore their interests and develop their talents within a Christ-centered environment. If you are interested in applying, please follow the steps below:

Get To Know Metro
Let's Get Started
  • Click here to begin your journey to becoming a Metro Patriot by creating an Admissions account.
Complete An Application
  • You have already taken the time to create an online Admissions account and you should have received an email from Veracross on behalf of Metro Christian Academy. This important email contains instructions on how to set a password and save your portal link.
  • Use your login credentials and password to access your Admission Portal and complete the required checklist items in your Admissions Portal.
  • If you are a current family, adding an Application for a Sibling, use the Admissions Portal link and your VC credentials to add an application.
Admissions Screening and MS/HS Admissions Testing
  • Preschool/Elementary Applicants will participate in a readiness assessment. Developmental Readiness, along with the date of application and space availability, are considered factors for Admissions.
  • Middle School/High School Applicants will complete Admissions Placement Testing for Math and English. This assessment, along with the date of application and space availability, are considered factors for Admissions.
Testing Dates
  • Semester 1 Middle School Testing Date – November 2, 2024. You must be registered 48-hours prior to the testing date.
  • Semester 1 High School Testing Date – by appointment. Email:
Deadlines, Decisions and Notifications
  • The Admissions Portal Checklist must be completed (with all submissions received) to be eligible for review and decision. The Admissions Committee will review completed files on the 15th of each month, excluding December. The completion date along with the date of application and space availability are considered factors for Admissions.
  • Decisions will be emailed the first week of the month, starting December 6, 2024.

If the applicant is qualified to attend Metro Christian Academy, but all spots are full, the applicant may be invited to be in the wait pool. If a spot becomes available, the Admissions Committee will pick the most appropriate candidate for that spot.

  • If I receive an acceptance, but decline, am I guaranteed a spot for the following year?
    • If you are accepted to Metro Christian Academy, but decline the offer, you will not be guaranteed a spot for the following year. You will need to reapply and then meet again with the Admissions Specialist. Your former acceptance will be taken into consideration, but decisions for available space will be made based on the most qualified candidates with applications for the current year.
  • I have a student with a diagnosed learning disability. I hear Metro has a great program to accommodate their needs.
    • This is true. Metro has an exceptional program hosted by The Patriot Resource Center. This program is led by Dr. Laura Weed, the Director, and her team of qualified teachers. They work with students to ensure that they receive classroom accommodations and can offer smaller group instruction. We are not set up to offer one-on-one instruction or to provide a para. There is an additional fee for utilizing these services. This program is highly sought after and is currently at capacity in all grades.
  • How do you decide who is accepted to attend Metro Christian Academy?
    • The Admissions Committee considers the completed Application file in addition to class size, ability to meet the student’s needs, and potential for an excellent partnership between home, church, and school.
  • What does it mean if my child is offered a spot in the Wait Pool?
    • Our application numbers often exceed the number of spaces available in any given grade. After review of the completed Application file, a qualified applicant that we are unable to offer acceptance to, but whom we believe could flourish in our community, is invited to the Wait Pool. If a space becomes available, the Admissions Team will evaluate the students in the Wait Pool to make an acceptance offer to the most qualified candidate.
  • What if my child is in the wait pool and a spot does not become available in the grade level to which we have applied?
    • Although we do not like to lose the opportunity to accept qualified candidates for the year they first apply, we invite you to pursue Admissions for Metro for the following year. We realize that your student needs a school and encourage you to have alternative enrollment plans. We understand that you may find your new home elsewhere, but appreciate the opportunity to work with your family and want the best for you and your student.
  • How can parents get involved?
    • There are many ways to get involved in the Metro community. We offer on-campus volunteer opportunities throughout the year, as well as, special events like M.I.C. Nite, Foundational Fathers, and many Athletic and Fine Arts events.
  • Is church a requirement?
    • As a Christian community, we value church and believe that it offers an extension of community for spiritual growth and development. The partnership of the home, church, and school form a solid foundation as we pursue excellence through Christ. For our Admission Process, a church recommendation for the family is required.
  • Do you offer Financial Aid and how do I apply for it?
    • Metro is an approved Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit organization.
    • We have a Tuition Assistance Program that offers some financial help based on needs. The FAST Application is used to determine need and is available to fully enrolled students at Metro Christian Academy.
    • You cannot apply for our Tuition Assistance Program until you have been offered acceptance and completed enrollment.
  • How early should I apply?
    • Our Admissions Season for the 2025-2026 school year opens June 1, 2024.
    • Although we offer rolling Admissions and invite you to apply at your convenience, we highly recommend that you consider admissions to Metro Christian Academy as early as possible. We offer a preschool program that begins at age 3 and continues through grade 12. We do offer some spaces for growth at the Elementary, Middle School, and High School levels, but advise if at all possible, to start early.
  • Can my student be considered for Admission if they have been suspended or expelled from their current school?
    • Metro Christian Academy has a policy that requires a one-year cooling-off period before a student can be considered for Admission. If the student has a successful school year, without an incident, they may apply.

To apply for Financial Aid, you must first apply, be accepted to, and enrolled at Metro Christian Academy. You will receive an email with Metro’s Tuition Assistance Policies along with a link to the online FAST Application. There is a $48 fee to complete the FAST Application. All Tuition Assistance funding is need based.

Thank you for your interest in Metro Christian Academy

The Metro Christian Academy Admission Process is intentionally structured to reflect the mission of the school – to provide, in partnership with involved parents, an accredited college preparatory education that is founded in biblical principles. Each step of the process is purposeful and deliberate to invite mission-appropriate candidates to join our Metro community.

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Metro Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, colors, national origin or disability in administration of its educational and admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. Click here  for Metro Christian Academy’s Title IX Formal Complaint form.